The Before (bad condition) and After (like new condition) photos. All these photos are from real Targa ragtops sent to us, then repaired. You can easily see our process gives you a perfect top and without having to bring it to our shop.

headliner-droopy headliner-installed Common signs of aging in the headliner
A droopy headliner needing repair What a headliner should look like

top-badcondition finished-topside Common signs of aging on the top
A typically aged targa ragtop What a targa ragtop should look like

headliner-badcondition finished-underside What's really aging underneath
The Inside of an aging headliner What a headliner should look like

foam-badcondition foam-allfixed The first step of repair
peeling off the skin, this is the aging foam layer With an all new foam layer

burlap-badcondition burlap-allfixed The second step of repair
peeling off the foam, this is aging burlap layer With all new burlap

panels-badcondition panel-allfixed The third step of repair
peeling off the burlap, this is the main frame With cleaned & polished main frame

binding-goodfit stichgrain-allfixed The fourth step include finishing touches
Example of how well we fit the binding Close-up of the stichgrain process we use

top-completed The joys of a like-new targa ragtop!
Installed, repaired targa ragtop

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